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Week Four - Peace Calms Storms - Day 4

How do you feel on Christmas eve, eve? There is often much excitement building this day. Christmas day is getting very close, presents under the tree, people longing for being together with family and friends, sounds so perfect doesn't it.

Will you please take a moment to stop with me today?

After 25 years in ministry there is a greater awareness than ever before the people who get angry, depressed or frustrated when they hear the above description about Christmas. Why in the world would that be, you might ask? So much sadness and hurt, there are people everywhere that have lost a loved one on or around Christmas, or throughout the year and this is the first year they will not be with them. What about the person who has lost their job or some other hardship and cannot sense or feel the joy of the season. Please take time this year to be aware of those around you in this state of mind. Give them a call, help them in some way, and invite them to be with you and your family. Pray as a family for those you may or may not know who are going through this tough time. Now that I have your full attention may I challenge you to go one step further.


What happens in heaven also happens on earth, you think and pray about that a little bit. Let me explain in more detail. Have you ever stopped to think what it will be like in heaven praising the Lord 24/7, all day every day, because you now realize the only reason you are there is because God loved you and saved you. You tried the best you knew how, to love and obey Him. Now if I could make a comparison, just like those who are hurting this time of year, there are people who might not be able to celebrate the love of God with you in heaven if. Do think, pray and share with them about your joy? When you get to heaven it will be too late. Today going deeper might be a little bit shorter but that is because it is time for you to go to prayer. It is time for you and I to get serious about sharing our reason for hope, faith, joy and peace. It is because of Emanuel "God with us". Today start challenging yourself to become an evangelist. In your own way with the gift God gave pursue sharing God's love with others. Here at New Life of Currituck 2016 will be a year of building life. Life stands for Love, Invite, Fulfill,  Equip. Please join New Life of Currituck in discipline others. 

Barco Campus
4134 Caratoke Hwy
Barco, NC 27917

Service Times

Barco Celebration 10:00 AM

 Amos 2:7 (NAS)
"These who pant after the I very dust of the earth on the head of the helpless Also turn aside the way of the humble; And a man and his father resort to the same girl In order to profane My holy name.
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