Date: 03/07/2020
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Week Four - Peace Calms Storms - Day 1

I would like to break down this blessing in our verse today so that we may learn something from God (Yahweh). Before we do that I want to remind you that this verse comes at the end of the chapter in which God gives direction for a person to take a nazirite vow. Only three people are mentioned in scripture as to have this as a lifetime vow, they are Solomon, Samson and John the Baptist. Anyone could take the nazirite vow on their own free will and generally it was for a period of 30 or 60 days or multiple 30 day periods. This vow was to set yourself apart for God, but it was not something where you would go off alone to be with God. This vow was taken as a desire to live holy before God to serve others. Now in the Old Testament there were specific things you had to do going into and coming out of this vow. We will not take time to look at them because they are specific to the Old Testament. Today this vow is still something that you can do and I challenge you today to pray about it. The vow today is loving God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. Have you heard that before? Now let me get real with you, this means using your gift to serve the people around you. Now let me get more real and I do this in love understanding the gift God has given me which is to love, share and grow God's Church. The Old Testament vow was for the specific purpose of serving fellow Israelites, given in today's context it is to serve believers in the Church. Please note that serving others has more to do with who you are becoming in Jesus Christ than what you are doing. When that is understood then what we do emits from who we are in Christ, so the blessing of serving in the Jesus Christ in us. So the blessing that is in our verse today is a blessing given in the context of serving others in the Church. Today take time to grade yourself on how you are doing with serving others within the Church. This self-perspective before God is a good evaluation at times to help us re-focus. As you take time to re-focus may the blessing here encourage and fill you with God's Holy Spirit. Here are the three parts of this blessing.

1. May God (Yahweh) bless you and preserve you. May God of peace speak good to you, by giving you His excellent promises, (Note not our wants or even our needs) for the purpose of looking out for others) May God preserve you in the stewardship of the possession of all the good you have been given, and keep you from all the evil with that threatens to harm you.

2. May God (Yahweh) cause his light to shine on you, and give you grace. (please remember that mercy forgives your sins and grace provides the strength for serving others) May the Holy Spirit ignite your heart with the true knowledge of Jesus Christ in God. May the revelation of this igniting show you His mercy in forgiving your sins, and may His gracious support strengthen your soul.

3. May God (Yahweh) shine His glory on you, and show you prosperity according to His will. May God give you communion with the Father, Son, and Spirit, with a constant sense of his mercy and grace to grant you prosperity in your soul, and in all of life's affairs.

So my prayer for you today in parting is this. May "The Lord bless you, and keep you. The Lord make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up His countenance on you, And give you peace." Numbers 6:24-26

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