Our community gathers twice a year to pray as a County

         The National Day of Prayer - Thursday May 3, 2018

         Cry out America - 9/11

The purpose of the Awakening America Alliance is to:

  • Provide a broad umbrella under which the body of Christ in America can unite together in seeking a contemporary spiritual awakening.

  • Issue a wake-up call for revival in the church and a Christ awakening in the nation by utilizing unified activity, various forms of media, and highly visible events.

  • Collaborate together in prayer, fasting, and God-inspired action to impact the nation's non-Christian population.

  • Challenge today's church in welcoming and discipling new generations of American youth.

- See more at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLIiRserouT79NIcRG-sKjTB8gvPu2LB7f&v=PHG5SoXOQoA