Core Values

What a group of people value has more importance than their theology. What we value determines how we make decisions.


Biblical Authority

The Bible as the word of God is the authoritative life guide and will take precedent over any Church tradition or human opinion. God's word applied to our lives through the Holy Spirit will transform each person in their personal and public life.



We enjoy celebrative and reverent worship which allows for individual expression but is orderly in nature. We encourage the expression of spiritual gifts that will build up the body and reach the lost.



We believe in continual prayer that is both intimate and strategic and is the foundation for authentic relationships. This relationship with God and others gives life to us through intercession, encouragement, healing, worship and laying on of hands.


Authentic Relationships

The transforming power of the Holy Spirit enables us to live transparent lives before God and each other. Balance, wholeness, fulfillment and peace as a result of God's new heart in us allows His Spirit of humility, integrity and holiness to flow out of us. Genuine care and personal growth are accelerated through authentic life giving relationships. These authentic relationships then encourage spiritual growth, personal gift expression and leadership development.


Relational diversity

We desire to build relationship with each other as a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-gifted blend. The focus is not on social, economic, racial or gender distinction, but on the beauty of God's diverse creation.


Relational outreach

Our commitment to fulfill the great commission is through our calling to take God's presence and power wherever we go. This commitment to outreach is faithfully pursued, and our destiny is discovered.


Five fold Fathering/Mothering 

The Holy Spirit is the power and source of life giving streams in each of us providing regeneration and creativity. Through the Holy Spirit we identify, equip and release servant leaders through biblical authority, worship, prayer and authentic relationships. We believe individuals demonstrating Godly character in humility, integrity and holiness can develop others to become people of significance and purpose.